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Office relocation in the Manchester area

Office relocation in Manchester

Office Moving projects are not to be taken lightly — there is far more to relocating a business than moving office furniture from one location to another.

A Manchester business moving project can turn into a nightmare if the removal company treats it as a house removal. Don’t take chances– treat your office removal in Manchester or any other city seriously and use a specialist commercial removal company.

There is too much at stake to take risks with your business.

Time pressure

Every hour that the company is disrupted is downtime and the disruption of normal business operations is lost income. Staff can’t work but have to be paid. Delays and mistakes with your office moving will exacerbate this loss.

Loss of Income

The longer the business is not functional the greater inconvenience to clients, suppliers and employees. When information systems ( phone, computers, fax) are not working, orders and information are halted. Unless service is resumed in a timely fashion the business will lose more income.

Business Reputation

Most important is the reputation of your company. If you have notified clients, suppliers, vendors – that your business will  be functioning by a certain date–  and it is not — you lose  credibility and it is difficult to recover .

An office removal project is a serious decision – it is a business decision and one that will impact your company  in the long term. Why not entrust the project to the experts? All office removals in Manchester should be undertaken by  office moving professionals

CMR Relocation Ltd. is a specialist office moving company in Manchester — we know what it takes for a successful office move, whatever size, and we start with meticulous planning.

Planning yourBusiness moving in Manchester

The planning stage dictates the success of the office move. Good planning comes with experience and skill . CMR will meet with you at your present office location and give you a pre-move site survey without obligation and we provide a quote within 72 hours.  We are always happy to assist you with any aspect of your business relocation.

The pre-move survey will cover every aspect of your move or only some aspects. A professional office relocation service can supply trained movers or packers or both. Trucks and movers or just trucks – every client has a different agenda and different requirements. At CMR Relocation we are very flexible we have a solution that is customised for each client and their needs.

. Using plans or drawings of your new location, we will assist you in setting up your move-in schedule, as well as making sure proper labeling and marking techniques are used to ensure that all items are able to be transferred to the correct location in your new office.